Individual coaching for bookkeeping tasks and accounting analysis leading to skills development, learning new skills, and the development of competencies.

We encourage you all along the process. We emphasize the development of skills in line with the needs and abilities of each individual with respect and care, all the while keeping in mind the requirements of the organization.

Our coaching also comes with practical tips and advice for the business or organization, a win-win situation.


For a succesful coaching experience in accounting, we will do the following with you:

  • A needs assessment
  • Determine the objectives
  • Establish an action plan
  • A training meeting
  • The development of tools, work methods, and analysis requests
  • Ongoing follow-ups
  • Test and evaluate results




Frequency and location of services:

To be established with you, we prefer coming to your place of business as we feel it facilitates the learning experience for all parties. However, to accommodate various needs and circumstances, we are happy to facilitate online coaching as well.